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Apr 23, 2016· Road Blocker The 5000 series automatic rising road blocker is suitable for embassies and airports, along with other high profile buildings, and comes in lengths of 3 M, 4 M and 5 M, rising 750 mm from the ground. Hydraulic mechanism ensure smooth operations.

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The barriers have manual as well as automatic hydraulic raising and lowering operation. The road blockers can be crash rated and certified according to its capability of stopping and destroying the vehicles after the attack. These are installed at high security locations including military areas, embassies, government offices, etc.

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Aug 08, 2017· Some delicate areas, such as army, plants, government structures, etc demand an advanced level of protection. For these programs, Hydraulic Road Blocker Barrier System can offer great protection limitations, a range of vehicle security and sinkable limitations such as great protection street blockers. Because situations of aware at delicate areas are never stand still, This Road Blocker System

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AZC Hydraulic Road blockers are Anti terrorism Surface Mount Hydraulic Road blocker Barrier systems that are widely used to control vehicular access at high security and medium high security sites all over the World. Surface Mounted Hydraulic Road Blockers provide higher levels of security with built in stopping power and are used extensively to protect perimeters and access points of critical

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All Parking Gate barriers/ road blockers come with a control unit with programmable I/O, selectable auto-open on power failure feature, multiple open/close speeds, and an integrated 2-channel detector module, and remote control or desktop management. Bollards can be crash rated for anti-terrorist attacks.

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Hydraulic Road Blocker Systems GS High Security Blocker has been designed to offer uncompromising rugged performance for the most demanding of environments. Designed as the ultimate deterrent against vehicular access the Road Blocker offers

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As with all our automatic security systems, hydraulic road blockers can be controlled by any type of access control system, including swipe or proximity cards, audio intercom,radio transmitters, GSM/mobile phone, automatic number plate recognition ANPR or a simple button controller, and are generally installed complete with induction loops for vehicle safety and red/green traffic lights to give an


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