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The traditional post and velvet rope stanchion is the original crowd control barrier whose ancestry goes back to the turn of the century. Now surpassed by the retracting belt barrier for most high volume queueing applications the rope barrier is still preferred in certain high end environments like hotels, casino, theaters and, of course, red carpet events.

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Feb 09, 2018· Queue barriers are often used in event management for crowd control. For example, at airports, where crowd control and keeping everything organized is really important. Essentially, rope barriers are used to line routes and prevent overcrowding. The main point of these physical barriers is that they’re supposed to prevent injuries, tramplings...

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What is Crowd Control? Crowd Control, also known as Queue Management, is the process of directing People Flow to ensure Safety in heavily trafficked environments. We offer a wide range of products to create Crowd Management Systems including Retractable Belt or Rope Stanchions, Wall Mount Barriers, and Traffic Control Barricades and Fencing.


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