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First, our installers can install debris liners for personnel safety netting on bridges that are under construction, or undergoing renovation or maintenance. Secondly, FallProof designs and installs containment netting on older or covered or other historic bridges. A netting

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Proper Safety Netting Installation On A Bridge or Construction Workplace Can Save Lives Safety netting installation for bridge and construction debris net fall safety must be done correctly to perform correctly. An improperly installed system configuration can give the illusion

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Jan 20, 2017· Jan. 20, 2017 Bridge Masters Bridges and Utilities, History. On bridge construction sites today, safety is a top consideration. Working at great heights, in traffic, through extreme weather, in fast river and ocean currents, and underwater makes bridge construction a perilous way to earn a living. The following chart, based on data from the Federal Highway Administration, shows that the number of fatalities on road and bridge construction

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It is intended that only one level of nets be required for bridge construction. 1926.105 d The mesh size of nets shall not exceed 6 inches by 6 inches. All new nets shall meet accepted performance standards of 17,500 foot-pounds minimum impact resistance as determined and certified by the manufacturers, and shall bear a label of proof test.

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A safety net, suspended under the “floor” of the Bridge during the construction of the roadway structure the stiffening truss. It was suspended along the entire length of the span from pylon to pylon; the $130,000 net—“made of manila rope, 3/8 in. diameter and 6 in. square mesh”—extended ten feet outside the trusses on both sides and gave workers the confidence to work more quickly.

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Safety netting serves a critical function on construction sites – it protects workers, property, equipment, and anyone or anything that could be in the immediate vicinity. Netting comes in a variety of material types, designed to cover specific applications. Read more. Biodegradable ECO2 Net: Press Release.

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Debris Netting, Tarps, & Netting For Construction Site Projects. Need to cover the construction of a building or tired of getting dust in the in-progress building? FenceScreen® has the solution to resolve those problems with our Construction Scaffolding Tarps, Debris Netting, & Safety Debris Boundary Netting. FenceScreen® is the industry leader in the manufacturing and fabrication of top quality Construction Debris Netting & Tarps used in specially for construction

How the Golden Gate Bridge Changed Safety Standards

Feb 12, 2016· His safety innovations and equipment included a safety net underneath the entire bridge during roadway construction. Nineteen men fell into the net accidentally, yet none of them died. This group was famously called the ‘Halfway to Hell Club.’ “On the Golden Gate Bridge, we had the idea we could cheat death by providing every known safety device for workers,” Strauss wrote in 1937 for The


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