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Highway traffic safety crash cushions

If the roadside guardrail is located within the width of the net highway area without safety treatment, the upstream end of it shall be equipped with crash cushions or anti-crash terminals. 2. Redirective crash cushions should be installed at the main diversion end

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Traffic crash cushions and anti crash terminal end

If the roadside guardrail is located within the width of the net highway area without safety treatment, the upstream end of it shall be equipped with crash cushions or anti-crash terminals. 2. Redirective crash cushions should be installed at the main diversion end, ramp diversion end, tunnel entrance and other positions of the expressway.

Highway ramp anti crash safety cushions

Traffic crash cushions and terminals setting principles : The layout of the crash cushion should be consistent with the highway route. When it is set at the main diverter end, ramp exit or the front end of the guide island of the toll station, the axis of the anti-collision cushion should overlap the center line of the intersection Angle of the highway route on both sides of the anti-collision...


Four varieties of Leonidas Crash Cushion widths provide the perfect solution for any application whether a narrow tunnel entrance or a wide slip road. ERMES P4 END TERMINALS Double-sided, energy absorbing and fully repairable, the Ermes P4 End Terminal offers a new standard to the UK P4 market. Back to Road Barrier solutions


The Ermes End Terminal and Leonidas crash cushion families gives maintenance contractors more choice and better quality products in the end terminal and crash cushion market. Both the Ermes and Leonidas families are easily repairable, saving project time and costings. These systems are market-leading, short length P4 end terminals and crash...

Crash Cushions | GSI Highway Products

The Absorb 350 Crash Cushion is a non-redirective crash cushion that is NCHRP 350 approved for TL-2 and TL-3 applications.. The Absorb 350 can be attached to the end of portable or permanent concrete barriers and steel barriers without the need to anchor the system to the roadway. This provides for easy and fast installation and repair.

Crash Attenuators | RoadSafe Traffic Systems, Inc.

The Redirective, Non-Gating, Universal TAU-II Crash Cushion Family consists of a full line of Impact Attenuators designed to meet the requirements of NCHRP Report 350, TL-2 & TL-3. This family of crash cushions is available in lengths and capacities for both low and high-speed applications from 50-113 km/h 30-70 mph.

Crash Cushion Impact Attenuator Highway Guardrail

Kinetic Impact Attenuator generally consists of end terminal, energy absorbing material, side beams, plates and back support. The energy of collision is absorbed by deformation of end parts and energy absorbing materials. Back support is used to resist impact force of vehicle. How to choose a Crash Cushion Impact Attenuator and application site?

Crash Cushions and Roadside Terminal Categorization

Crash Cushions Non ‐ Redirective, Gating Redirective, Gating Redirective, Non ‐ Gating Width Length Height Length Gore of Need Point Median Shoulder Permanent Temporary Connects

Highway Crash Cushions | National Trench Safety

Highway Crash Cushion. National Trench Safety carries a diverse line of highway crash absorption systems to meet a variety of needs. The Compressor is recognized as a self-restoring, low maintenance attenuator by the FHWA. It is designed to take repeated impacts with minimal or no repairs. The system is designed using telescoping, ultra high...

Barrier End Treatments and Crash Cushions

BARRIER END TREATMENTS AND CRASH CUSHIONS H6-6 H6.3 CAT-350 The Crash Cushion Attenuating Terminal CAT-350 is a proprietary, energy-absorbing, gating, redirective terminal designed to shield narrow hazards. The proprietary manufacturer is Trinity Highway Safety Products Division, USA. The system is 9.5 m in length and 0.762 m in width.

Crash Cushion End-Terminal Traffic Safety Services

Traffic Safety Services at Intertraffic 2018 in Amsterdam. We look forward to presenting this year our product portfolio of traffic engineering at Intertraffic 2018 and we are welcome all interested persons to enjoy good networking, innovative traffic news, informations and good wine from austria with us. You will find us from 20th – 23rd...

Crash Cushion and End Treatment Selection Guide List

: The Crash Cushion/Attenuating Terminal is bi-directional end treatment for Type 3 Guardrail in median or roadside locations. Several types of transition sections are available. Slotted Rail Terminal SRT-350 : The SRT is a parabolic flared w-beam end treatment. The SRT has a series of slots that weaken the W beam guardrail. The parabolic 4...

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The Crash Cushion Attenuating Terminal CAT™ is an energy-absorbing attenuator available for use where blunt ends of rigid barriers and fixed objects are in the median or on the shoulder. Features. CAT™ can be used as a longitudinal barrier end treatment and as a crash cushion

Ingal Civil Products' Crash Cushions

Our range of crash cushions are designed to protect motorists from impacting the blunt end of concrete barriers, toll plazas, bridge piers and other rigid road side hazards. Crash cushions are used in both temporary and permanent roadside applications. Our road safety barrier crash cushions are manufactured to Australian and International...


Traffic safety systems are highway features de signed primarily to reduce the severity of run-off-road collisions, prevent errant vehicles from cross ing the median, and decelerate errant vehicles. These features include, but are not limited to, guardrail, crash cushions, median barrier, end treat ments, breakaway supports for signs and light

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Jul 01, 2020· Highway Care have agreed a deal to supply SMA Road Safety Ermes End Terminals and Leonidas family of Crash Cushions plus their full range of road safety solutions across the UK as of 1 st July 2020.. Known for introducing innovative, highway safety solutions to the industry and Highway Care was the first to introduce a P4 End Terminal and Crash Cushion to the UK market in the early 2000’s.

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China Traffic Safety W Beam Guardrail Crash Barrier Crash Cushion Shock Absorbers Terminal, Find details about China Crash Cushion, Anti Collision Cushion from Traffic Safety W Beam Guardrail Crash Barrier Crash Cushion Shock Absorbers Terminal Shandong Guanxian Huaan Traffic Facilities Co.


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